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Hey there! Welcome to our Palm Springs Tree Service. We are the company that everyone comes to because our professional arborists have proper training and care about the health of your palms. Our intimate knowledge about the trees native to the area makes us the right people to care and properly maintain them.

We focus on a range of services that will sustain and improve the natural aesthetics and well-being of your trees so they can survive in this one-of-a-kind climate in Palm Springs.

When looking for a company to trim or remove a tree, it’s important to hire a tree contractor that has extensive knowledge of proper techniques. One wrong cut could lead to sick, diseased, and unhealthy trees and an improper removal of a tree will leave an eyesore in your yard. Our Palm Springs arborists have decades of experience working with trees native the Coachella Valley. We know all the tips and tricks to keeping your trees healthy and looking beautiful!

We have the pleasure of trimming and regularly maintaining the majestic palms at most of the courses in the area. Our Palm Springs Palm Tree specialists like to wind down and play a round of golf at the various courses in and around town. Enjoying a beautiful day in the sun and playing such a relaxing sport is a great way to relax and wind down from a long week of tree work.

If the course is too busy and we aren’t able to snag any tee times, our next choice to socialize is to take a ride on the Palm Springs aerial tramway. Visiting the Mountain Station at 8,516 feet of elevation, having a nice delicious lunch at Peaks restaurant, and enjoying the beautiful views of Chino Canyon is second to none.

Can you think of a better chance to make memories with your friends and family than taking in a Palm Springs Power Baseball game! There have been over 100 past player from our local baseball team make it into the majors. Don’t miss your chance to see the next big leaguer up close and personal. Our beautiful tree trimming work will also be on full display all over the ballpark.

Please describe the job you require. Number of trees, sizes, species, etc..

Tree Trimming Experts

Our Palm Springs arborists have been acknowledged as the premier specialist for tree trimming in Palm Springs CA, providing unparalleled skill and precision. Our priority is to preserve the safety and lifespan of your trees, increasing their natural beauty while preventing any problems.

Palm Springs Tree Trimming services are more than just clipping branches; they’re about striking the exact balance between health, beauty, and safety. Our licensed arborists have the skill to sculpt and preserve the optimal form of each species, whether it’s the beautiful arcs of magnolia trees or the sturdy structure of maple trees.

Palm Desert Tree Pros is more than simply a tree trimming service. Our staff consists of trained arborists and skilled tree climbers, all of whom have considerable knowledge and experience trimming a wide range of trees.

We provide the same level of devotion and experience to every project, from a single garden tree to a full commercial complex. We service both residential and commercial premises, ensuring that each tree is given the attention it deserves.

We recognize that each job has its own set of requirements. That is why we provide tailored palm springs ca tree trimming plans that are completely coordinated with the unique needs of your property and your aesthetic preferences.

For all of your tree pruning requirements, rely on our decades of experience and commitment to perfection. Don’t forget to check out our entire variety of tree care services, which perfectly complement our tree care solutions.

Tree Cutting Maintenance Plans

If you have neglected the ongoing upkeep of the trees on your commercial property, you may be putting people in danger.

Most people believe that their trees will take care of themselves, but this is not the case. Tree upkeep on your commercial property helps preserve their health and attractiveness for many years to come.

Trimming strategies that are effective include the removal of limbs that are deformed, damaged, or dead. To preserve the health, form, and, most importantly, safety of commercial premises, rubbing branches, certain vertical stems, water shoots, and inward developing branches are often removed.

Each tree species has its own natural appearance and shape that should be preserved during trimming. A well manicured tree should allow for adequate ventilation to reduce wind and weather damage. Naturally existing dead wood must, of course, be removed for safety

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Professional Tree Removal

We can assist you if you have a tree on your property and are unsure if it has to be removed. We will assess the tree’s health and determine if it can be preserved.

We will fix any problems that can be rectified with pruning, trimming, bracing, or cabling.

Even if you believe a tree is healthy, it is a good idea to get it evaluated by our team of palm springs tree removal specialists. If the tree in issue is dead, dying, causing an unavoidable hazard, or crowding out neighboring trees, we have the knowledge and tools to remove it quickly and safely.

There are several reasons why you may need to hire a Palm Springs tree removal service, including:

  • the tree is dead, dying, or sick
  • it’s grown too big for the area it’s in
  • roots are causing extensive damage to surrounding structures
  • damage caused by a storm

A weakened tree might endanger not only you and your family, but also your property. Sometimes the only choice is to cut it down.

Whatever causes you to look for a tree removal service in Palm Springs CA, you can rely on us to do the work efficiently. We constantly take great precautions to avoid landscape destruction or damage.

Palm Springs Tree Removal Contractors

When it comes to comprehensive and experienced tree removal services in Palm Springs and the surrounding areas, our name stands out above the rest. We’ve been the go-to local tree removal business for nearly 20 years. We don’t simply offer tree removal solutions; we’ve perfected the science and art of protecting your property by eliminating troublesome trees.

Removing a huge tree may be a lot more labor than most people expect. Our professionals take the difficulty and risk out of tree removal by leaving no apparent evidence that you had a tree problem in the first place.

Our Palm Springs arborists will clearly outline prices for both tree removal and any additional stump grinding fees.

Whether you want to protect the aesthetic value of your property or just prevent trees from harming structures, our skilled crew is here to assist you.

  1. Andreas Hills
  2. Araby Commons
  3. Araby Cove
  4. Baristo
  5. Canyon Corridor
  6. Deepwell Estates
  7. Demuth Park
  8. Desert Highland Gateway Estates
  9. Desert Park Estates
  10. El Mirador
  11. El Rancho Vista Estates
  12. Escena
  13. Four Season
  14. Gene Autry
  15. Historic Tennis Club
  16. Indian Canyons
  17. Lawrence Crossley
  18. Little Beverly Hills
  19. Little Tuscany
  20. Los Compadres
  21. Melody Ranch
  22. The Mesa
  23. Midtown
  24. Mountain Gate
  25. The Movie Colony
  26. Movie Colony East
  27. Oasis Del Sol
  28. Old Las Palmas
  29. Parkview Mobile Estates
  30. Racquet Club Estates
  31. Racquet Club West
  32. Ranch Club Estates
  33. San Rafael
  34. Sonora Sunrise
  35. Sunmor
  36. Sunrise Park
  37. Sunrise Vista Chino
  38. Tahquitz Creek Golf
  39. Tahquitz River Estates
  40. Twin Palms
  41. Vista Las Palmas
  42. Vista Norte
  43. Warm Sands


  • 92262
  • 92263
  • 92264
1. Head south on Palm Dr toward Pierson Blvd for 5.6 miles
2. Continue onto N Gene Autry Trail for 410ft
3.  Merge onto I-10 E towards Indio for 3.3 miles
4. Take exit 126 for Date Palm Dr and keep right
5. Turn right onto Vista Chino, which is the first cross street, and stay on there for 3.5 miles
6. Turn right on N Farrell Dr for half a mile
7. Next turn right onto E Tachevah Dr for half a mile
8. Turn left onto N Sunrise Way and stay for half a mile
9. Turn right onto E Alejo Rd and arrive in Palm Springs, CA in a mile

1. Go South on Arbol Real Ave in the direction of Datil Way for 0.2 miles

2. Turn right onto Ramod Rd for 8.4 miles (pass by Del Taco on your right in 3.8miles)

3. Go right on S Avenida Caballeros for 0.8 miles

4. Keep going straight onto N Avenida Caballeros

5. Turn left on E Alejo Rd and get to Palm Springs in half a mile

  1. Go West on W El Camino Way toward S Palm Danyon Dr
  2. Turn left on S Palm Canyon Dr
  3. Keep going on S Indian Canyon Dr
  4. Turn right on E Alejo rd
  1. Take CA-91 E/State HWY 91 from 9th St and Lime St
  2. Take CA-60 E/Moreno Valley Fwy and I-10 E to CA-111 in Whitewater.
  3. Take exit 111 from I-10 E
  4. Keep going on CA-111.
  5. Drive to E Alejo Rd in Palm Springs

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